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Developer Tools

  • Storybook - The UI Development Environment. works with v3.2+ later.
  • codesandbox - An online IDE and prototyping tool for rapid Vue development
  • StackBlitz - The fastest, most secure dev environment on the planet


Inspecting & debugging

  • Vue.js devtools - Chrome devtools extension for debugging Vue.js applications.


Create documentation

  • vue-styleguidist - A style guide generator for Vue components with a living style guide.
  • Vuedoc Markdown - Generate a Markdown Documentation for a Vue Component
  • Vuedoc Parser - Generate a JSON documentation for a Vue component


  • vue-test-utils - Official utilities for testing Vue components.
  • Vue Testing Library - Simple and complete testing utilities that encourage good testing practices. Based on DOM Testing Library and built upon the official Vue Test Utils.

Source Code Editing

Text editor plugins

Sublime Text


  • Vim Vue - Syntax Highlight for Vue.js components.
  • vim-vue-plugin - Vim syntax and indent plugin for .vue files.

Visual Studio Code

  • Volar - The Fastest Vue Language Support Extension




  • Kate Syntax Files - Syntax files (modified or original) for katepart (kate, kwrite, kdevelop).

Maintained by Rodger Jordas