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Utilities not directly related to the UI

  • vueuse - Collection of essential Vue Composition API utils works for Vue 2.x and 3.x
  • vue-composable - Vue composition-api composable components. i18n, validation, pagination, fetch, etc. +30 variable composable functions
  • vesselize - A JavaScript IoC container that works seamlessly with Vue.js
  • vue-context-composition - Share state created with the composition API between components, similar to useContext from React Hooks
  • vuex-overlay-tools - A Vue 3 plugin for monitoring Vuex store (time-travel is also supported)
  • vuse-rx - Complete first-class RxJS support for Vue 3
  • vue-props-validation - Vue props validation logic extracted for nested validations in objects and arrays using the Vue Native syntax
  • vue-next-rx - Complete RxJS integration for Vue.js. (Update of vue-rx)

HTTP Requests

Retrieve data over HTTP

  • vue-axillo - Composable Axios for REST API with query notation GraphQL
  • vue-request - Vue 3 Composable for data fetching, supports SWR, polling, error retry, cache request, pagination, and other cool features
  • swrv - Stale-while-revalidate data fetching for Vue


Internationalization / L10n / localization / translation

  • vue-i18n - Internationalization plugin for Vue.js.
  • vue-i18n-service - Export and import vue-i18n's SFC translations
  • v-intl - Global Intl wrapper for your awesome Vue 3 app
  • excel-vue-i18n - A plugin transforms excel file to i18n json format for translations
  • vue-i18n-lite - A super lightweight and minimal plugin that introduces internationalization into your Vue.js app with a simple API
  • fluent-vue - Internationalization plugin for Vue.js (2 and 3). Vue.js integration for Fluent.js - JavaScript implementation of Project Fluent
  • localize-vue-3x - Uni Localization Vue 3 integration example. Customizable Language Menu widget built with Web Components

Custom Events


LocalStorage etc.

State Management

  • vuex - Centralized State Management for Vue.js.
  • pinia - Intuitive, type safe, light and flexible Store for Vue using the composition api with DevTools support
  • harlem - Simple, unopinionated, lightweight and extensible state management for Vue 3
  • hami-vuex - Hami melon flavored Vuex, modular by design, completely TypeScript intelligence, state management for Vue.js



  • mobx-vue-lite - Lightweight Vue 3 bindings for MobX based on Composition API


Vuex Utilities

  • vuex-persistedstate - Persist Vuex state with localStorage.
  • vuex-plugin-jsdata - A plugin for syncing Vuex store with js-data.
  • vuex-local - Local state management within Vuex.
  • vuex-action - Utilities for vuex to easily create and manage actions.
  • vuex-rest-api - A Helper utility to simplify the usage of REST APIs with Vuex. Based on axios.
  • vuex-cache - A Vuex plugin utility to cache action those will make remote request.
  • vuex-persist - A Typescript-ready Vuex plugin to help save the store to localStorage or any custom Storage (that you can configure).
  • vuex-local-state - Add 'localState/sessionState' options to vuex. Keep the Vuex state with localStorage.
  • vuex-action-reload - A vuex plugin that reloads actions when a condition is met.
  • vuejs-storage - Vue.js and vuex plugin to persistence data with localStorage/sessionStorage.
  • vuex-orm - The Vuex plugin to enable Object-Relational Mapping access to the Vuex Store.
  • vuex-async-module - Reduce async boilerplate code generating Vuex modules. Compatible with Vue 2.x.
  • vuex-iframe-sync - Vuex state synchronization between iframe/window.
  • vuex-aspect - Bind remote data of any kind to the vuex store.
  • Vuenut - is a component to develop faster and more fluently
  • vuex-map-fields - Enable two-way data binding for form fields.
  • vuex-search - Vuex binding for client-side search with indexers and Web Workers.
  • vuex-pathify - provides a unified path syntax to Vuex stores (such as foo/bar@a.b.c)
  • vuex-loading - Simplify vuex loading state management
  • vuex-module-builder - Vuex module builder is a wrapper for writing vuex stores efficiently with some common methods built-in.
  • vuex-pagination - Easily work with paginated resources in your Vue/Vuex application. Works well with most of the Vue pagination components.
  • vuex-easy-firestore - Easy coupling of Firebase Cloud Firestore and Vuex. 2-way sync with 0 boilerplate!
  • vuex-listener - A global Vuex action and mutation listener plugin
  • jsonapi-vuex - Use a JSONAPI api with a Vuex store, with client-side restructuring/normalization of records.
  • vuexi - Provides utilities to simplify async actions and state management
  • stfalcon-vuex-loading-plugin - The easiest way to handle loading state of vuex
  • Vue Rest Resource - Rest HTTP resource management for Vue.js and Vuex projects
  • Vuex Stateshot - A State Snapshot plugin on Actions/Mutations for Vuex3.1+
  • vuex-loopback - Vuex module factory and Vue components for Loopback
  • vuex-state-snapshot - A Vuex plugin to take state snapshot on mutation
  • vuex-awesome-async - It wraps Vuex stores to easily manage async requests (loading, error and cache state)
  • vuex-factories - Factory functions to generate vuex actions and mutations
  • vuex-hooks - TypeScript enabled Vuex composition-api hooks
  • vuex-composition-helpers - A util package to use Vuex with Composition API easily
  • vuex-ts-enhance - A tool to enhance mapXXX and dispatch methods hint
  • vuex-masked-modules - A Vuex plugin put data structure of the module in localStorage, with the ability to mask or encrypt the data to make it difficult to explore. Designed for Vue 3 and Vuex 4

Sync Between Tabs


  • vue-apollo - Apollo/GraphQL integration for VueJS.
  • vue-relay - A framework for building GraphQL-driven Vue.js applications.
  • vuex-orm-apollo - Apollo/GraphQL integration for Vuex-ORM.

Code Style

Improve readability of code

Asset Management

Utilities for building / compiling / bundling / loading assets




Server-Sent Events

  • vue-sse - A Vue plugin for using Server-Sent Events (EventSource)


Payment utilities.


Maintained by Rodger Jordas