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Set of components + responsive layout system

  • quasar-framework - Quasar Framework. Build responsive websites, hybrid mobile Apps and Electron apps using same code
  • vuetify - Material Component Framework
  • BootstrapVue - Bootstrap v4 components and grid system for Vue.js
  • zircle-ui - A frontend library to develop zoomable user interfaces.
  • ant-design-vue - An enterprise-class UI components based on Ant Design
  • heyui - A Vue.js UI Toolkit for web (Website)
  • BalmUI - A modular and customizable UI library based on Material Design and Vue 3.0
  • Inkline - Inkline is the intuitive UI components library that gives you a developer-friendly foundation for building Vue.js 3 design systems
  • MDBootstrap - Powerful UI toolkit based on the latest Bootstrap 5 and Vue 3, to rapidly build responsive, mobile-first websites and apps.
  • vue-material-adapter - Integration of Material Components for Vue.js which follows the best practices recommended by Google: Using Foundations and Adapters
  • PrimeVue - The Most Complete UI Component Library for Vue
  • CoreUI for Vue.js - CoreUI for Vue.js is a UI Component Library that offers a bunch of cross-browser, responsive, and lightweight Vue.js UI components
  • Chakra UI Vue - A lightweight & customizable component library to help you build accessible Vue applications and sites with speed
  • oruga - UI components for Vue.js without CSS framework dependency
  • Wave UI - An emerging UI framework for Vue.js with only the bright side
  • element3 - A Vue.js 3.0 UI Toolkit for Web is based on element-ui
  • superBVue - A Vue 3 UI Components for Web is based on Boostrap v5
  • vuestic-ui - A Vue.js 3.0 UI customizable UI framework
  • Qui-max - A Vue 3.x design system for web
  • Naive UI - A Vue 3 component library fairly complete, customizable themes, uses TypeScript, not too slow, kinda interesting
  • Element Plus - A Vue 3 UI framework
  • AgnosticUI - Accessible Vue 3 component primitives that also work with React, Svelte, and Angular
  • Unge UI - A Vue 3.x component library. Complete documentation support and both Chinese and English
  • Anu - Build better interfaces faster. DX focused utility based vue component library ⚛️

Mobile UI Frameworks

UI frameworks for mobile

  • Framework7-Vue - Build full-featured iOS & Android apps using Framework7 & Vue
  • vue-onsenui - Mobile app development framework and SDK using HTML5 and JavaScript. Create beautiful and performant cross-platform mobile apps. Based on Web Components, and provides bindings for Angular 1, 2, React and Vue.js.
  • Ionic - Mobile app development framework
  • Native script - Native mobile applications using NativeScript

Component Collections

Set of components without layout system

  • Kendo UI for Vue – Over 70 UI components, including a Grid, built for business applications. Fully responsive with support for several Design Languages including Material Design and Bootstrap.
  • element-pro-components - A component library for Vue 3 base on element-plus

Mobile Components

Set of components for mobile

  • vant - A Vue.js Mobile UI From YouZan
  • NutUI - A Vue.js UI Toolkit for Mobile Web

Admin Template

Set of admin template

Server-side rendering

  • Nuxt.js - Versatile Vue.js Framework.

Static website generator

  • VuePress - Minimalistic Vue-powered static site generator.
  • Gridsome - Build super fast, modern websites with Vue.js


  • DataFormsJS - A minimal routing and web service framework that uses Vue as a templating engine
  • petite-vue - 6kb subset of Vue optimized for progressive enhancement
  • mdb-go-vue - step by step on how to create & deploy your project and deploy using MDB CLI

Maintained by Rodger Jordas