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UI Utilities

Event Handling

Handling of user events (scroll, click, key strike, ...)

  • vue-resize - Vue component to detect DOM elements resizing (event based/no window.onresize)


  • Reforms.js - Vue 3 and Bootstrap forms and cards generator. Validation, multiple fields, grouping, schema and more


  • vee-validate - Simple Vue.js input validation plugin.
  • vuelidate - Simple, lightweight model-based validation for Vue.js.
  • vue-tiny-validate - Tiny (2.5KB minified) Vue Validate Composition
  • vest - Declarative form validation framework inspired by unit testing



Lazy Load

  • vue-lazy - Lightweight Image/Picture lazyload based on Intersection API
  • vue3-lazyload - Vue module for lazy-loading images in your Vue 3 applications


  • vue-use-paginator - Vue 3 use-hook to reactively paginate data and arrange paginator buttons. Completely renderless


  • vue-kinesis - A set of components to create interactive animations
  • vue-typical - Vue Animated typing in ~400 bytes of JavaScript
  • vue3-lottie - A component for importing and displaying Lottie animations in Vue 3


  • vue-inline-svg - Vue component loads an SVG source dynamically and inline <svg> so you can manipulate the style of it with CSS or JS. (vue 2.x, vue 3.x)


  • vue-fullscreen - A simple Vue component for fullscreen, support Vue 2 and Vue 3

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